Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance is an important first step in any problem a person is trying to overcome.

It is all about accepting the hard times that lay ahead of you and the rough times in your past. Many people choose to deny reality because they don’t want to feel the emotions that surround them in the current time. While many hurt people may believe this is doing them good, in the long run, it really isn’t. It doesn’t alter the experience or lessen the pain in any way. What you can do to help yourself is face the facts that are around you. The best advice I can give if you are dealing with not being able to accept reality is to sit in a quiet room and list all the facts that you know are true. This may be painful at first, but it is a crucial step in moving forward away from dark days. When you push away harsh reality, you can also run the risk of diminishing the feeling of joy that you get when your little sister runs up to you with a hug or you get that A on a math test.  Sorrow and pain are needed in life to help you become a better person with a deeper understanding for people’s suffering and sadness and to build you into the person who you are meant to be. So don’t be scared of these emotions that come up when you are feeling overwhelmed with acceptance. You are only human, and you are not supposed to have it together all of the time. Just remember: choosing to face reality is an important decision one needs to make and take a lot of deep breaths/stay calm when dealing with your emotions.


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