♥ What is a Tribute Page?

A Tribute Page is a tool for saving, sharing, and remembering the things you love.


A tribute page generally consists of pictures and videos with you and your parent, but it’s definitely not limited to that! It also functions as a tool to tell your journey, so… include pictures of yourself, your friends, the foods you like and basically anything that represents who you are.


It can be hard to share how you feel with others. That’s why we’ve got settings where you can make certain frames private to the rest of the world! But we encourage you to share at least some things, the power of support, even on the Internet, a simple like or comment can make a huge difference.


Look back! See how far you’ve come. Sometimes taking a peek at the things you posted a few months back can help you feel hopeful for the future. Knowing that you got through something which at the time was the most difficult circumstance you had ever experienced can reinforce that you can get through whatever you are facing now.

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