Different Forms Of Therapy

If you have decided that loss is too much for you and you need someone to help you sort through your feelings and emotions, it’s best to know a bit about therapy before you jump into things.



The most popular and well known form of therapy is called psychoanalytic therapy, which is basically “talk therapy.” In this, you go to a therapist and talk about your life and what’s going on with you right now. The therapy provider will look for clues and patterns that might explain your behaviors and the roles they play in your current difficulties. A pro to this method is that it gives you a safe and non-judgmental place to voice your opinions and say what you want. However, a con might be that it is too time consuming or expensive.

The next form of therapy is called Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy. This helps if you have one specific problem, and not a lot of things going on at once. These therapists often focus on changing thought processes. For example, one might come to a cognitive behavioral specialist to get over their fear of water. To do this, they would urge you to go closer and closer to the shore over a period of time. This might not be the option for you, because it doesn’t really focus on loss all that much.

The last type of therapy is group therapy. There are a lot of different kinds of groups with a lot of different people. In these gatherings, people can learn from others experience and receive advice from people who are going through the same or similar thing. It is very common to feel like you are the only person in the world who is going through this, and that no one can relate to you. With group therapy, one tends to feel less alone and better connected.

Keeping this in mind, make sure to choose the therapy that is right for you and your needs. No one knows the right thing for you but you. Good Luck!

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