Why You Should Get A Dog

Considering buying a dog after the loss of a parent can be a good way to start to get through your struggle. They can be found at shelters, humane societies, or breeders, and if you choose the right one, he or she can be your friend for a long time.

The first way that a dog can help you circles around your stress. It is natural to feel all this stress is on your shoulders since your parent passed, and dogs are scientifically shown to lighten your load. Studies have repeatedly shown that people with dogs are less likely to develop a form of depression.

They also can help people meet other people. You can mingle with your pet at the dog park, an outdoor café, or even just around your neighborhood. So if you are looking for a (human) friend, this would be a great plus for getting a dog.

Dogs can provide physical health benefits as well. Having a pet has been proven to lower the chances of a child developing allergies when they get older. Surprisingly enough, they can also help kids build stronger immune systems overall. Heart related studies have occurred as well— pet owners showed a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This all lowers the risk of a heart attack happening later in life.

A dog can act as your workout buddy, especially if you are looking to exercise as a coping mechanism. They can motivate you immensely, especially with their seemingly endless energy. Long hikes and walks would be perfect for a bigger dog, and you would have a lot more fun getting in your weekly workout.

Be mindful, however, that a dog is hard work. You will have to walk them in the winter, and you will have to scoop some poop. But in the end, at least for me, it is all worth it to have a dog to snuggle with at night, or play fetch with. So if you feel like it is right for your family, go for it!


Source: Animal Planet

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