What services does SLAP’D provide?

SLAP’D is not, by any means, a substitute for professional grief and bereavement services. Instead, we are a supplement – we recognize that peer support and shared experience are an integral part of the healing process, a need not often met or addressed by professional grief counselors. SLAP’D aims to fill this gap with our online community.

SLAP’D offers teens who have lost a parent a place to connect with other teens who share their experience and understand what they’re going through. Our site offers articles by teens, for teens about various grief-related topics, as well as a place to seek advice or ask “embarrassing” questions to bereavement professionals. We also strive to provide support and resources to adults – parents, teachers, counselors, etc. – who are supporting grieving teens. 

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2 thoughts on “What services does SLAP’D provide?”

  1. My granddaughters aged 14 & 12 lost their father 2 years ago to suicide. Life is difficult for them. Any chance they could touch base with you?

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for reaching out. Please feel free to direct them to this website, we are in the process of making updates and should have some more great resources available soon. They can also check out our Instagram account (@slapdsstories) and (@slapdnonprofit) and send us a DM to connect. We are glad they have you to look out for them, thank you for all you do!

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