How To Help Someone Who Is Sad


When a friend or loved one is feeling down, what do you do?


This is a question asked by a lot of people around the world, and often there doesn't seem to be something that will help this person significantly. Have no fear, however, for here are a four ways to help friends who are seriously upset.

The first thing you need to do is talk to them. Let them know you are supportive and love them. Sometimes just knowing there is love for them out in the world is enough to help them push through.

Next, actively involve your loved one in your daily activities. Don't let them isolate and be alone. Call them in your spare time, text them goodnight, and just hang out together. The worst thing you can do is let them deteriorate in their own sadness.

Educate yourself! Reading articles like this on SLAPD and other sites may help you gain a sense that you know what you're doing and you can therefore be better equipped to handle such situations in the future and give yourself ideas of what you could have done differently in the past.

If it gets really serious and even if he/she doesn't feel comfortable talking to you, maybe recommend going to see a doctor, meaning a psychologist or therapist. This may be helpful if they want a safe and non-judgmental place to vent about their feelings.



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