How do I tell someone that I want to talk?

How do I tell someone that I want to talk? People just assume that I am going to reach out to them, but I’m afraid.

Sometimes people just don’t know what to say or do. It is not that they don’t want to help and support you, but rather, that they are unsure on what to say to you, often with fears of offending you, making you feel uncomfortable, or just accidentally hurting you. Understanding their lack of assuredness when they speak with you can be helpful to you in understanding their reluctance or hesitance to broach the subject of your loss. You may want to say, “I’m still me,” and that’s fine. On the other hand, this may not alleviate their hesitance, simply because your situation may not be so relatable with anything they have previously experienced. Therefore, finding someone who has had a similar experience to you, may make talking easier and can give you a great deal of support.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is: remember your friends are your friends. Trust your friends. They may want to help, but are unsure of how to be supportive.

–Judy Schiffman

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