People You Do Not Recognize but They Think You Should

After a parent, relative, or someone you cared for passes away, there will be lots of people coming over to your home and giving you their condolences. They might bring you fruit baskets and want to talk to you about your future, and these are perfectly lovely people who are trying to offer their support during a rough time. However, there might be a chance that you don’t know or remember everyone. They could be one of your grandmother’s friends or one of your parent’s colleagues. DO NOT GUESS! They might get offended that you do not recognize them. So, here are some tips on how to win some time while figuring out who they are:

Use the “hey you” technique.

This is not calling the person by any name; rather, it addresses that individual while personally acknowledging him or her.

Give your opinion.

If they reference an event that you were at together just nod and say, “That was fun!” or, “I had a great time!” You can also reply with a general opinion that will keep the conversation going. Having an opinion can not only spark a conversation and keep it going, but it can also give you more information about the person with whom you are talking!

Ask questions.

Keep asking them questions. You may be able to figure out who they are and learn more about them.

Be alert.

Listen for other people calling their name. This will be the easiest way in figuring out who they are so that you can address them properly later!

Best of luck!

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