Memories of the Heart

You’ve lost a parent. Your world may feel upside down, turnaround, and filled with so many different feelings you don’t understand. But even though your parent is gone, there are some things death cannot take away. Memories will always live in your heart and mind, memories of times you spent with your parent.


Losing my mom left a hole in my life that nothing seemed to fill. When some time had passed and I was able to think about the loss of my mom more clearly, I realized that there were some things that death could not take away from me.

Death took away my mom’s physical presence, but it cannot take away her place in the hearts of those who will always love her.

Death keeps new memories of my mom from coming to life, but it will never take away the memories of all the precious moments we shared.

Death is the finality of life on this earth. The ones left behind grieve for the loss. We moved forward. Give away our loved ones clothes. Take down pictures. Remove things that symbolize the person who is gone. This is something we may have to do to be able to move forward in life, and that’s ok.

But it is important to remember that it is not the physical things that hold true memories of the person we lost. Those special moments live in the heart as feelings and in the mind as pictures of the past. These memories will always be alive in the stories I tell my children or share with friends. These times we once shared together as a family I keep close to my heart. They are ingrained as a piece of me.

How many weeks, months, years have passed since you lost your parent?

Do you still think about him/her?

Is the loss still painful?

No matter where you are in your stage of grief, take a minute or two for yourself. Take a moment to think. Take some time to remember all the things you loved about your parent. Remember the different times you spent together. If you feel up to it, take some time and make a list of memories. Write down what didn’t lose when you lost your parent. Keep a journal of all that you feel and all that you remember.

It may not seem like much, but writing is what helped me to heal, along with connecting to other people who lost a parent. But it is different for everyone. Think about what helps you to feel better and ultimately will help you to heal.

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