How To Talk To Dad About Dating

How do I figure out my dad’s stance on dating? I don’t want to have to go behind his back.

Ask him! The best way is to be honest and direct. Yes, that is going to be an awkward topic to bring up, and will likely take courage. But, it will also probably be worth it. These kinds of conversations are like pulling off a Band-Aid. They are so difficult to start, but once they’re over, you realize it wasn’t so bad. Your relationship with your dad may even become stronger. After the conversation is over, you will at least know his stance, whether it is either disappointing or encouraging.

Knowing his stance can only be good. If you date someone without him knowing, it is very possible that he will feel upset that you didn’t consult him first. He may feel betrayed, or feel that you are being untrustworthy. This can strain your relationship, and you don’t want that. It’s best to know how he feels about you dating first and foremost.

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