First Period

I got my period for the first time, but I don’t want to tell my dad! Who do I ask for protection and an explanation on how to deal with this?? 

Think of the different girls and women in your life that you could possibly ask; the list is probably longer than you think!

An aunt, a friend’s mom, an older sister, someone at church, a friend’s older sister, a teacher or school counselor, the school nurse, a sports coach…you get the idea. Also, once you start building a relationship with this person you can come to them with other awkward questions, and it will be easier to approach that person. Chances are, they will be happy to help! Every female who has had their period knows what you’re going through and has been through embarrassing and difficult experiences with their period, which means they will be likely to have compassion for you and empathetic about your situation. The biggest fear is just getting the courage to ask in the first place! After this, the conversations about your period should come much more easily.

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