Family, Friends, and Psychologists

When things are hard, we all need somebody with whom to talk. Death is hard; there’s no getting around it. It’s a part of life that is absolutely necessary, yet incredibly troubling. When you’re close with your parents, you can go to them for advice if you have a problem. But to whom can we go to when our parents die? When bad stuff happens, a parent can comfort you. When a parent is no longer there, you can feel helpless, alone, and confused. There are other people who can talk to you, give you advice, and comfort you.


The first place you should look for help is within your own family. Your family is intimately aware of what you are experiencing. People grieve differently, and much of how somebody grieves depends on their own life experiences. Rather than feeling like your family doesn’t understand how you feel, you should try to share your thoughts and listen to theirs. Family members can empathize. You may find that the best comfort and advice comes from talking to other people who knew your parent.


Friends are also excellent people with whom to talk. The benefit of talking to friends is that they care mostly about you and trying to help you feel better. They may not be able to empathize, but they still want to help. You have to be patient with friends sometimes because they may not understand what you’re going through or what to say to comfort you. Death is a weighty subject. When your parent dies, death gets thrust in your face, and you have to deal with it. Sometimes, it’s nice to have friends who don’t talk about death for awhile. They give your mind some relief.

Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors

Finally, there is a whole world of professionals who are trained to talk with people about these problems. You may consider going to talk to a psychologist, therapist, or counselor about the loss of your parent. The benefit to talking to a professional is that everything you say is confidential. They also have lots of experience helping people in similar situations, so they may have some good advice. If you decide to find a professional to talk to, you should do some research first. Some professionals actually specialize in family deaths. Psychologists, therapists, and counselors can also help you with any other problems you may have as a result of your parent passing away, such as depression, OCD, anxiety, or mood swings.

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