Embarrassing Mom

My mom can be completely embarrassing around my friends. Sometimes they come over, and she doesn’t know how to “play it cool” or be “one of the guys” like my dad did. Sometimes she tries to watch the football game with us like my dad did. How do I tell her that we need our space, without hurting her feelings?

When you decide to talk with you mom, don’t necessarily make the conversation about her. Instead of saying, “You’re embarrassing, we need our space,” gently explain how you feel about the situation. Be honest. You can also say that you’re getting older and that as teens grow up they want more independence. If she responds, “But you’re dad always watched it with you,” you can say, “Right, but I want you to do the things that you do, not do what Dad did,” or, “Maybe not today, but maybe in time.”

Keep in mind that your friends probably don’t consider your mom to be awkward as you do; for them, her not being able to play it cool is just her being a mom. To you it’s embarrassing, but in reality it’s not such a big deal. Awkward moms are common and loveable!

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