Elite Research, LLC/Divergent Web Solutions

Elite Research, LLC, under the direction of Dr. Rene Paulson ​ ​hosts a dedicated team of contributors to the SLAP’D website, supporting web design, organizational development consulting, ​search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and ​direct ​marketing strategies. ​ ​A few years before Dr. Liu’s accident, he saved the life of a young relative of Elite’s founders. ​ ​​Dr. Paulson and the rest of ​the team felt personal connection ​s​ to Genevieve and her family. ​ ​"We were excited to pay tribute to Dr. Liu and his family by supporting the SLAP’D organization, which we feel provides great comfort and community to those who need it. Our company helps clients from a number of industries, including non ​-​profits, by empowering their program and research initiatives through data-driven solutions."

​A branch of Elite Research's company is Divergent Web Solutions. They provide and oversee holistic ​business​ solutions​ for websites, ​including ​development and creation, social media, and ​SEO ​marketing for PhDStudent , MomMD, ​Elite Research, ​and SLAP’D. ​ It is ​Elite's pleasure to be a part of the community that Genevieve has built.

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