Donate To SLAP'D

Donate to SLAP'D

SLAP’D needs your help! We have made tremendous progress within the past few years bringing teens together and developing new connections. Now, we're ready to take the next step. With your support, we have big dreams to increase our outreach within individual communities, develop a mobile app and most importantly, revamp our website!

We want to make SLAP’D even more helpful and accessible to the teens that need us. SLAP’D 2.0 will make posting, sharing, and connecting with other teens easier and more personal. In addition, the updated site will not only serve our teen users, but also bereavement bloggers, bereavement centers and professionals, and supporters such as family and friends. Overall, SLAP’D 2.0 will serve as a dynamic social network for the grieving teen and their entire support network.

More specifically with the website redesign, SLAP’D users will interact with an intuitive, more complex user face with posts such as: written posts (narrative, journal, poem, etc.), photos, videos, discussion threads, questions (either directed towards other teens or ask an expert), interviews (text and video) as well as updates. A new feature that we plan on implementing is a pinboard type layout, where similar to Instagram and Pinterest, teens can view the posts of other teens and experts in a vibrant, colorful and customizable way. In addition, we plan on further integrating bereavement centers across the country so they can directly serve the population that needs them most. On SLAP’D 2.0, Bereavement Centers, with SLAP’D certification, will be able to create their own profiles and post their own content as well as create updates for events within their own centers. We also would like to make SLAP’D more of a mediator between teens and their at home support networks. It’s often very difficult to share one's emotion at a time of intense grieving, as a result, SLAP’D will serve as a platform for teens to share their thoughts and memories through an online page with their communities. All of these ideas are currently still in the making, so any insights would be helpful.

Again your donations would be so highly appreciated!

The Donald C. Liu SLAP'D Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax-deductible.

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