Birthdays, Anniversaries and Parent Days

These can be rough. Just when we think we are finally stable, we find ourselves having a fierce desire to scream at the universe again. For all of these special days, different things can be done to remember your parent and possibly calm you down. I personally have a mini-panic attack when I do some of these things, but many people find them helpful. You can go to the cemetery to see your parent’s grave, post a picture of your parent on Facebook, eat your parent’s favorite food (we eat sushi) or watch your parent’s favorite movie (we watch “The Incredibles”). Television and sports are extremely good distractions. Screaming into pillows is also pretty great.

This past year I had an especially tough day. Mother’s day fell on the anniversary of my mother’s death. To make it even worse, my grandparents were in town. When we went out for breakfast that morning everybody was wishing us a happy Mother’s Day. I thought through the consequences of screaming at these pleasant strangers, but decided against it. With clenched fists, I made it through breakfast. The fists were only released and my chest only loosened when I was distracted. These days are miserable, but they always come to an end.

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