My Story

19 Nov 2014
Genevieve family

Dear Friends,

My name is Genevieve Liu. Although most of us haven’t met each other, in some ways we really do know each other. We’re all part of this club, one we never meant to join, and would probably like to resign from if we could. We may have lost a different parent, or be going through slightly different things, but in a way, we’re all in this together; a band of teens that has to suffer both the constant sadness of having lost a parent and the constant annoyance of people telling us what to do when they really don’t understand. To me, it sometimes seems like the whole world is watching us, like we’re “that kid who lost a parent.” But, the truth is that I’m not, in fact, I have all of you! I want this site to show that first and foremost we have each other. Also, there are those who’ve gone through this themselves to give us guidance along the way.

So that’s what I want to do. Have a community for all of us to share our experiences so we know we’re not alone (even though we may not always feel that way) and to give people who may understand, a chance to give us their thoughts. It isn’t that we always have to agree, or take the advice, just to give us something to think about.


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