Your contribution will help SLAP’D continue to support grieving kids and teens around the country by providing them with a safe and supportive space to connect with one another. Every gift, no matter how large or small, brings us one step closer to bringing SLAP’D and its resources closer to those who need us most.

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Your support of SLAP’D has made amazing things possible! With your generous contributions to our Project for Awesome (Summer 2015) and Indiegogo (Summer 2016) Campaigns, we raised over $60,000 to build our updated website, SLAP’D 2.0. Our newly built platform makes posting, sharing, and connecting easier and more personal for teens who have lost a parent. Now, not only does our site serve teen users, but also bereavement bloggers, bereavement centers and professionals, and the family and friends who support grieving teens. Overall, SLAP’D 2.0 serves as a dynamic social network for the grieving teen and their entire support network.

Onwards and upwards from here! Summer 2017 has been dedicated to promoting our new platform and getting it in the hands of those who need it most. Your financial contribution will further allow us to send physical promotional materials to bereavement centers and community organizations, compensate those that work on SLAP’D on the day to day, and boost our social media presence.

Thank you for supporting the work we do to help kids and teens throughout their healing process.

Contributions to SLAP’D can be made securily online through Paypal.

The Donald C. Liu SLAP’D Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity. All donations made to SLAP’D are tax-deductible.