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Welcome Mat 8 topics

We encourage new members to introduce themselves here. Get to know one another and share your interests.
by NotAlone

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Maternal Loss 3 topics

What is it like not having a mom? What are ways to remember her? Do you think you’re like her?
Coping with the loss
by Velsomens

Paternal Loss 2 topics

What is it like not having a dad? What are ways to remember him? Do you think you’re like him?
Re: loosing your dad!
by lindseylife14
Are you an older or younger sibling? Has your parent’s death brought you closer or apart? Do you talk with one another?
How do you tell teachers? Do you talk to your guidance counselor? Dealing with friends and sometimes people’s pity?

Religion No topics

Does it help?
No topics
Do you talk to your surviving parent? Are you they trying to talk about it more or are you?
No topics

Before the Fact No topics

Finding out your Mom or Dad is going to die.
No topics
Mourning through the first week and first month. Shock? Disbelief? What did you feel? What did you do?
Re: What has happened to my life?
by midnightfortunecookie
How do you establish a new normal? What is the best way to handle your memories? How can you move on?
Re: The "Wall"
by magdalena

Guilt 2 topics

Remembering fights, things you wish you hadn't said, and things you never got to say. How do you cope in your own way?
Re: To much guilt :(
by farmgirl51

Responsibility 3 topics

Are you really the "man" or "mom" of the family now? How much has your future been sacrificed? What are your questions regarding responsibility?
Taking on my Dad's role
by midnightfortunecookie
Who can you reach out to? A family member, special friend, or health professional?
What if you have an annoying or disinterested extended family? How do you deal with that?

School 4 topics

New friends who never seemed to care before, awkwardness when no one knows the right thing to say. What if you just don't want to talk about it?
Re: Making friends
by JocieJo
Dealing with people who express their feelings in ways very different from your own. How do you respond and find support?
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Blame 1 topic

Feelings of blaming yourself or others, thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or others. How do you resolve this?
Re: Tough and lonely
by Jmandrew22
Are you ready to move on? Has everyone else forgotten? Can you get yourself back on track?
Re: I'm so confused.
by genevievesliu
How do you deal with a new relationship, a "new family unit," and step-siblings? Should you be angry? Does it feel like cheating?

My Future 1 topic

Can you still be a healthy, happy adult and be successful in life? Will you ever be the person you were before this happened?

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