A Matter of Time

by R. Schotter

A very moving, beautifully written book about a high school girl coping with her mother’s illness and anticipated death.

When a Parent is Very Sick

by Eda LeShan

Ages 8-18.

Discusses typical feelings and incidents encountered by children when a parent is seriously ill or hurt, as well as ways to deal with such situations. The author gives children permission to feel, and encourages them to talk about their worries and confusion. The conversational style of the adults in the book—matter-of-fact and empathetic—offers a helpful model for parents.

Why Me? Coping with Family Illness

by Anna Kosof

Ages 11 and up.

A nonfiction work that explores, through firsthand stories, what it is like to have a serious illness in the family. The stories illustrate different coping mechanisms— overcompensation, intellectualization, and anger—and how daily routines are changed.

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